What You’ll See at the Boothbay Historical Society

The Boothbay Historical Society is an institution with a mission to “promote interest in the history of the Boothbay region and to preserve the region’s history.” Founded in 1967, it details the past of three of the area’s towns: Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, and Southport.

The locale has a rich history. Enjoy learning about it at the Boothbay Historical Society during your stay. When you’re ready to experience the area in other ways, use our complimentary Boothbay Harbor Vacation Guide. In addition to the most interesting historical sites in and near Boothbay Harbor, it also lists great restaurants, outdoor activities, and local events. Use it to plan your trip ahead of time, or to make educated choices while you’re here. Either way, the Vacation Guide will help you have an outstanding getaway to midcoast Maine.

The Work of the Boothbay Historical Society

The Boothbay Historical Society maintains collections of reference materials related to the region’s past. Visitors can view the collections themselves, or request research assistance from staff. View their extensive files of photographs, newspapers, family information, maps, oral histories, and more when you visit them in the 1847 home of Elizabeth F. Reed.

The rooms of the historic home are used to display artifacts, memorabilia, and photographs. Exhibits honor the 300-year-old coastal heritage of the three towns and remind visitors of the prehistoric narrative of the area.

Take home a souvenir from your visit. The Boothbay Historical Society has reproductions of old maps, sketches, books, and various other items for sale.

The History of the Boothbay Region

The Boothbay region was first settled by English fishermen and farmers in the early 1600s. Pilgrims, who originally sailed down from Plymouth in 1822 to resupply at Damariscove Island, stayed until forced out by the Indian Wars late in the century. In 1729, it was resettled by families of Scotch-Irish farmers. As industry evolved, shipbuilding and fishing emerged as the leads, and remain vital to the region today.

Tourism also became an important part of the area’s economy, with the first big tourist boom in the 1880s. Hotels, cottages, and inns were built for tourists coming to experience the beauty of Boothbay.

Newagen Seaside Inn: A Part of Boothbay Harbor History

If you have an interest in the history of coastal Maine, you’ll love visiting the Boothbay Historical Society. You will also appreciate a stay at Newagen Seaside Inn. With a presence in Boothbay Harbor spanning over 200 years, the inn is a cornerstone of the community’s history and culture. Once a popular escape for celebrities and other distinguished guests, it developed into a place where all could come to experience the simple pleasures of life.

This tradition holds at Newagen Seaside Inn today. When you come to Boothbay Harbor, stay at our historic property to experience the town from an insider’s perspective. Enjoy beautiful views, excellent seafood, and authentic Maine hospitality. Become a part of a tradition over two centuries old, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to start planning your trip to historic Boothbay Harbor.