Great Diners In and Around the Maine Coast | Places to Eat While in Boothbay Harbor

Great places to eat while in Boothbay Harbor
Moody’s Diner, Waldoboro, Maine










Let’s face it, when summer hits and vacation comes, we look for those road side stands, diners, dives and ice cream scoops. Charles Kuralt said, “You can find your way across this country using burger joints the way a navigator uses stars.”  Ain’t that the truth! So we’ll just say we use these places as a road map for a good New England vacation. Mr. Kuralt spent much time in the Boothbay Harbor region and I’m sure frequented some of our favorite hang outs near the Maine Coast, in and around Boothbay Harbor and even across the Maine border.

1) Moody’s Diner (our favorite) located on Route 1 has served over 1 million guests since 1927. They’ve made themselves famous serving the comfort foods you’d expect from a Route 1 diner such as blueberry pancakes, Thanksgiving dinner, great soups, chowders and homemade desserts. Be sure to try their four berry pie a la mode.

2) Red’s Eatslocated in Wiscasset on Route 1, has been causing traffic jams since 1938. Global foodies make the pilgrimage to chow on their best sellers, a $22 Lobster Roll or fried clams. They also serve hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, chicken sandwiches, ice cream among other things. The building is about the size of a mini van and there is no inside seating. Long lines (of about an hour or more) have caused local citizens to propose a by pass to ease congestion. Others have suggested moving Red’s Eats.

3) As we move outside of Boothbay Harbor, another classic diner that’s a Maine favorite is Becky’s Diner located on Commercial Street in Portland. This is a Maine experience at its best, cheap eats, diverse crowds and if you’re lucky Millie will be your waitress. Their motto, “Nuthin finah, than a Becky’s Dinah.” You can get breakfast all day or a Lobster Roll with an entire lobster for $13.95. That may seem steep, but compare it to Red’s Eats at $22. If you’re in Portland, skip the chains and hit this classic hang out.

4) Just south of the border in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is The Friendly Toast. A quirky, very casual, kid friendly, retro, off the wall diner. Not for those who are in a rush. Expect a 30 minute wait, on a good day, but well worth the wait.

In addition to these 4, there are a plethora of fabulous local markets, general stores and dives throughout the state with salty staff and savory dishes. To begin planning your food centered vacation, contact the vacation planning experts at Newagen Seaside Inn at 1-800-654-5242.