Maine Lobster: Follow the Process from Trap to Plate

Maine lobster is a regional must-have during your stay at the Newagen Seaside Inn. Luckily for you, lobster is never out of season in Midcoast Maine, so you’re guaranteed a scrumptious seafood feast regardless of when you book your Boothbay Harbor, Maine, getaway. However, despite its availability, the trap to plate process isn’t nearly as straightforward as you’d think. Several factors and moving pieces help ensure you receive the best lobster in Maine during your East Coast retreat. 

Lobstermen—They Get the Job Done

Working as a lobsterman is no easy feat. Often, they’re required to work long hours and in all kinds of weather conditions. However, they’re a big part of the reason your lobster is always fresh. About 80 percent of the lobsters served in American restaurants come from Maine, so there’s quite literally no place better to dine on some succulent lobster tail in the United States. 

How Does Maine Lobster Trapping Work?

The adventure from trap to table lasts anywhere from five to seven days, so it’s fundamental that lobsters receive the best handling throughout the entire process. Lobstermen often bait their cage-like traps with fish (like herring) to lure lobsters. Once a trap is full and hauled onto the boat, all egg-bearing lobsters are appropriately marked and released back into the ocean so that the population is not affected. The “keeper,” lobsters that are the correct size with a carapace ranging between three-and-a-quarter to five inches, are immediately placed in a saltwater holding tank. 

Once they’ve docked, the lobstermen’s bounty gets transported from their tank into a plastic crate. In some cases, they keep lobsters refrigerated as this puts them in a catatonic state. From there, your lobster arrives at any given restaurant or market alive until it’s time to eat. However, proper handling is paramount so as to ensure the lobsters do not become stressed or marred.

Embark on a Lobster Tour in Boothbay Harbor

If you’d like to learn more about the trap to plate process, consider signing up for a lobster tour. Get an insider’s look at what lobstermen do day in and day out to provide a lobster dining experience this is both ethical and delicious. Discover the perfect lobster trapping opportunity that best fits your schedule at Cap’n Fish or Maine’s Sailing Lobster Boat.

Sate Your Shellfish Desires During Your Stay at Newagen Seaside Inn

If you’re looking for the best places in Maine for lobster, you’re in luck. The Newagen Seaside Inn is ideally located near a handful of spectacular seafood spots. The Pub, our on-site restaurant and bar, dishes up a decadent “lazy” lobster, but there are a few off-site Boothbay restaurants that serve delicious lobster as well. After a fantastic feast, settle down at your spacious accommodations and reminisce on the day’s adventures. To learn more about making a reservation or for other lobster-related recommendations, please give us a call at 207-633-5242.