Survival Guide for a Maine Outdoor Wedding

Maine is a spectacularly beautiful place to host a wedding, but like any area, there are some logistical challenges for which you should have a plan.


Unpredictable weather:  While coastal Maine weather is usually gorgeous in the summer, it can be unpredictable.  You should always have a Plan B that allows you to move your guests indoors.  At the Newagen Seaside Inn, you can plan to hold your ceremony and/or reception outside on the oceanview event lawn, but the newly renovated Cape Harbor Room will accommodate 225 guests should the weather drive you indoors.  Don’t panic if rain or fog shows up as an uninvited guest.  The most beautiful wedding photos we have seen have been from a wedding that occurred during a hurricane!

Mosquitoes:  It’s no secret that mosquitoes love summer in Maine as much as the rest of us, but you don’t want your wedding album to include photos of your guests swatting at each other.  Mosquitoes are not fond of lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, citronella, basil or rosemary.  If there is room in your flower arrangements to incorporate some of these plants, it may help keep the mosquitoes at bay without having to douse your guests in bug spray.  But speaking of bug spray, you may want to include some in your gift bags or put a basket of small sprays out at the reception (your Newagen wedding coordinator can take care of this for you).

Drastic temperature change:  A warm and sunny ceremony can quickly give way to a chilly reception once the sun goes down.  You might consider having your ushers hand out bottles of water as they seat guests, or have inexpensive sunglasses (imprinted with the name of the Bride and Groom!) waiting on each chair.  One of our brides this year offered an adorable solution to a brisk night – a pile of shawls and blankets with a sign that said “To have and to hold….in case you get cold.”  You can also arrange for Newagen’s two firepits and lobby fireplace to be lit during your reception so guests have multiple locations where they can snuggle up.

Blowin’ in the Wind:  The sea breeze coming off the ocean is one of the things that draws couples to coastal Maine, but don’t let a windy day give your guests more than they bargained for.  Have a seamstress add tiny weights to the hem of your bridesmaids dresses (if they are short).  You may also want weighted tablecloths if you are doing a lobsterbake rehearsal dinner or poolside cocktail hour – both very popular options at Newagen Seaside Inn