Why You Need to See the Monhegan Island Light

The Monhegan Island Light is a staple attraction for visitors to Boothbay Harbor. The station was established in 1824 on a small island 10 miles off the shore of midcoast Maine. It is still in operation, and easily accessible from downtown Boothbay Harbor. Maritime enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone who enjoys picturesque island scenery will enjoy a trip to see this historic structure.

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History of the Monhegan Island Light

Monhegan Island has been a stopping point for several different groups throughout history. Strange carvings on the rocks of nearby Manana Island indicate a long and storied past. It is uncertain whether these markings were made by Vikings around 1,000 AD, or much earlier by an unknown group of voyagers. Indigenous tribes inhabited the area for centuries before the first European settlement was established in 1619.

The first Monhegan Island Light was erected in support of increasing trade in the region; the island is the first point many ships see coming from the Atlantic. Storms ravaged the first tower, but the second one still stands. It was built in 1850 and is 47 feet tall.

Visiting the Monhegan Island Light

See the Monhegan Island Light up close when you explore the historic grounds. The tower is not open to the public, but the grounds are accessible. There is also a museum in the old keeper’s house. Other buildings on-site include another reconstructed keeper’s house, an oil house built in 1893, a cistern, a chicken coop, and two storage buildings.

One of the best ways to get to the island is on a tour with Balmy Days Cruises. Explore the lighthouse, and then take in the gorgeous views from the island. Balmy Days Cruises also offers tours of the Burnt Island Light; a great follow up to your trip to Monhegan Island.

Relax at Newagen Seaside Inn

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Photo Credit: GettyImages | JT Stewart photo