The Road to the Altar: Maura + Patrick’s

Follow along with Maura and Patrick as they plan their wedding at Newagen Seaside Inn!

The First Official Meeting with the Newagen Wedding Planning Team

February 2018

Maura and Patrick were in the neighborhood for yet another engagement party and stopped by Newagen for their first official meeting with the Newagen Wedding Planning Team. While on the property, they snuck away to Sunset Rock to share some Champagne and snap a few photos. Be sure to check back in as we follow Maura and Patrick on the “road to the altar” and look for them to share insider planning tips, things they wished they had done (or NOT done) and funny stories along the way to… I DO.


The Proposal

December 30, 2017

We are delighted to share a beautiful, winter marriage proposal at Newagen on December 30th, 2017. Maura and Patrick, a couple from Massachusetts, had already decided on Newagen as their chosen wedding venue (pre-ring). Patrick worked with the General Manager and Owner, Corinne Larson at Newagen to come up with the details, bringing everything full circle to make their engagement that much more memorable.

In sub-zero temperatures, the Newagen team decorated the gazebo with lights, a sofa, a table, champagne and flutes, a vase of pine boughs, a lily, and plenty of fleece blankets to keep warm. The pathway was lined from the parking lot to the gazebo with luminaries, and on the deck next to the gazebo were more luminaries spelling out “MARRY ME?”

She said yes.

Congratulations, Maura and Patrick! We are thrilled that you choose to venture all the way to Southport Island to propose and even more excited that you plan to be married at Newagen in 2019.

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