7 Tips for Your Maine Road Trip

After months of planning, booking your reservation at Newagen Seaside Inn, and organizing packing lists, there’s only one more thing standing between you and your long-anticipated getaway: a Maine road trip. While some people may love throwing their suitcases in the hatchback and taking off for endless hours on the highway, others may feel a little less excited about the upcoming drive. Spice up your Maine road trip experience with a few sightseeing and historical detours, and remember that our fantastic Midcoast Maine resort, with beautiful ocean views, countless on-site activities, and charming lodgings will be patiently awaiting your arrival.

Prepare for a Smoother Maine Road Trip

While you’re preparing for your Maine road trip to Boothbay Harbor, start thinking about a few must-see stops along Route 1 or quintessential Midcoast Maine attractions. Besides daydreaming about all the things to do in Maine, like visiting Monhegan Island or dining on decadent lobster at a Boothbay Harbor restaurant, consider our list of tips for places to stop, stretch, and sightsee on your way to Newagen Seaside Inn.  

  1. Remember to bring along travel-sized hand sanitizer, wipes, and plenty of masks for a safe journey. Stay informed by checking out our page on COVID-19 updates or consult Maine’s official COVID-19 response page.  
  2. If you’re planning a long journey along Route 1, check out these suggestions of spectacular detours.  
  3. If you’re traveling from the Boston area you may want to make a brief stop in Portland for a quick bite and stretch your legs at a scenic overlook
  4. Bath is the perfect detour for those with a soft spot in their hearts for ships. Stop by the Maine Maritime Museum to learn about the fascinating story behind the birthplace of American shipbuilding. 
  5. If you’re in for a short detour, consider a drive through Arrowsic on your way to our Midcoast Maine inn, set aside half an hour or so to visit the Doubling Lighthouse.
  6. Depending on where you’re coming from, you may be able to enjoy a portion of the Schoodic Scenic Byway that runs along Route 1 to 186.
  7. When you finally arrive at Newagen Seaside Inn, we welcome you to a satisfying and refreshing dining experience just minutes from Boothbay Harbor on Southport Island, complete with fresh seafood and a well-deserved drink at our on-site restaurant, The Pub.

Cultivate Cherished Memories at Newagen Seaside Inn

After your Maine road trip, you’ll have ample opportunities to stretch and stroll across 20-acres. From our on-site amenities, including hiking, biking, rowing, swimming, and playing tennis, to the countless area adventures, you’ll never be bored during your stay at Newagen Seaside Inn. Dine on delicious dishes at our on-site restaurant, The Pub, and fall asleep to the soft sound of ocean waves in your charming accommodations. Sweeten your stay with one of our fantastic packages, on your next  Midcoast Maine getaway. To learn more about our excellent offerings, please give us a call at 207-633-5242. Our resourceful staff is happy to assist you.