Have the Best Adventure When You Get Off the Beaten Path in Maine!

Coastal Maine is characterized by a certain type of iconic beauty that you can only find here. Heading off the beaten path in Maine can reveal new types of stunning scenery, and make for an exciting adventure. There are many points of rustic allure and intrigue located in and near Boothbay Harbor. The following three are a few of the best. When you’re ready to explore, take a trip to one of these captivating places near Newagen Seaside Inn.

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Hendricks Head Lighthouse

off the beaten path in maineA trip to Hendricks Head lighthouse combines elements of captivating visuals, history, and local legend. The lighthouse, about 10 miles south of Boothbay Harbor was originally built in 1829, and redone in 1875. Two stories connected with the structure have stood the test of time. The first involves the dramatic rescue of an infant. Cast away from a ship ripped apart by a storm, the child was saved by Keep Jarul Marr after riding the tumultuous waves on a makeshift floatation device. The second story is about a stranger visiting the small town in the early 1900s, who allegedly still haunts the shore near the tower. Known as the “Ghost Lady of the Dusk,” some have claimed to see her as the sun sets.

Whether you’re looking for ghosts or just want to appreciate the historic beauty of this 19th-century lighthouse, this makes a great trip. The Hendricks Head Lighthouse is now privately owned, but you can still enjoy the sight of the restored structure from a short distance away.


Porter Preserve

Spanning 19 acres on the southern tip of Barters Island, Porter Preserve is a scenic land trust showcasing the natural beauty of the Maine coast. Walk the trails and see old growth spruce, oak, and pine, in addition to a gorgeous shorefront. Make your way to the beach and be soothed by the gently lapping water. Porter Preserve is complete with a sheltered cove and a small offshore isle, Lydia Ann’s island.


Ovens Mouth Preserve

Located on the northern border of Boothbay Harbor, a trip to Ovens Mouth Preserve is one of the best ways to get off the beaten path in Maine. Ovens Mouth is a stretch of land that extends from the Sheepscot and Back Rivers to a large tidal basin. The area is also an important part of the region’s past. Originally settled in the mid-1700s, the area was used as a shipyard. During the Revolutionary War, the coves hid vessels on both sides of the battle. Portions of the area were used for many different purposes over the centuries. Now, a walk through the nature preserve is a wonderful way to view plants and animals native to the region.


Find Your Way Back to Newagen Seaside Inn

After a day of venturing off the beaten path in Maine, make your way back to Newagen Seaside Inn. Our historic inn and cottages are located on scenic grounds that make any nature lover feel right at home. Sit and relax on the property, and enjoy the peace of being unplugged from the business of everyday life. Walk our nature trails for some fresh air and a fresh perspective. When the day is done, slip into your cozy room and enjoy the peace of mind you can only get in Coastal Maine. Contact us today to begin planning your next trip. We look forward to welcoming you soon!


Photo Credit: Getty Images | FrankvandenBergh