3 of the Best Things to Do in Maine in June

things to do in maine in june

Maine is a beautiful place to spend the early days of summer with your family and loved ones. Featuring gorgeous scenery, diverse landscapes, and various time-honored traditions, it’s one of the best places to vacation in the Northeast. While the serenity of nature draws many people to the area, there are also plenty of things to do in Maine in June that will keep you entertained during longer days and warm summer nights. Use this list of three quintessential Maine summer activities to get started on planning your vacation to the Pine Tree State.

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3 of the Best Things to Do in Maine in June

  1. Watch the Whales

Whale watching is one of several amazing things to do in Maine in June. The whale watching season for coastal Maine lasts from about mid-spring through October. Summer is the perfect time to set out with your binoculars to observe these gentle marine giants. When you go, you might see any of the species common to the region, including the Northern Humpback Whale, Minke Whales, and Northern Fin. You could also spot a North Atlantic Right Whale, an endangered species with a total population of less than 500.

For your whale watching experience in Boothbay Harbor, try Cap’n Fish’s Whale Watch and Nature Cruises. With immaculate, environmentally friendly boats and high sighting rates, they provide a great way to enjoy this fun activity.

  1. Go for a Hike

When you visit Boothbay Harbor, make sure to take advantage of the miles of hiking trails. Strapping up your boots and seeing the area by foot is invigorating and inspiring. The natural beauty of the region is always revealing new things to be discovered. Take a relaxing stroll around the trails at Newagen Seaside Inn, or venture further for a more challenging trek. Either way, it’s easy to find peace among the stunning scenery of Boothbay Harbor.

  1. Take an Island Cruise

A day trip to beloved Monhegan Island is on every nature lover’s list of things to do in Maine in June. This unique island has drawn visitors from all over the world to view its amazing cliffs and one-of-a-kind views. Bird watchers also find much to enjoy here, as several species of migratory birds reside here depending on the season. Balmy Day Cruises begins daily tours during the month of June, so you’ll be enjoying your tour early in the season.

Relax at Newagen Seaside Inn

When you visit Boothbay Harbor to try this list of things to do in Maine in June, make sure your trip is complete with a stay at Newagen Seaside Inn. Once your activities are finished, it’s the perfect place to enjoy some peace and tranquility. Enjoy a serene walk around gorgeous grounds, or just sit and take in the scenery. Our elegant location has been a central part of the coastal Maine experience for generations, and we continue to provide a timeless vacation experience that your whole family will cherish. Contact us today! We look forward to helping you plan your next trip to Boothbay Harbor.