7 Magnificent Lighthouses Near Boothbay Harbor


Over 70 Lighthouses stand sentry over the Maine coast, and seven of them can be seen from the Boothbay Harbor Region. Once tended by dedicated light keepers and their families, most towers are now either automated or decommissioned. For many people the world over, however, nothing embodies the spirit of Maine like the image of the lighthouse keeping vigil along the rugged coast.

The Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouseerected in 1892 off the tip of Southport Island, has welcomed thousands of vessels passing each year. The Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse is set to open this summer as a luxurious retreat for adventurous travelers who want to experience their own private island while staying in the lighthouse. Guests will be transported to the Cuckolds by licensed Launch Captains in a restored Navy motor whaleboat.

Burnt Island Light is the most prominent lighthouse seen from Boothbay Harbor. Built in 1821, its red light is visible for 12 miles, and it foghorn can be heard throughout the harbor. Living History Tours are available in season, with the roles of former light keeper and his family played by local actors & historians.



Hendricks Head Light in Southport was built in 1829 off the tip of Southport. Its 43 foot tower is small compared to many, is no longer operational, and is now privately owned, but easily visible from the beach.


Ram Island Light in Boothbay is only 36 feet above mean high tide, but its light can be seen for 13 miles. There’s a great view from Grimes Cove at Ocean Point, but the light is best seen from a boat passing between Ram and Fisherman’s Island.


Sequin Light, Georgetown, is Maine’s second oldest lighthouse, built in 1795, and its highest, at 180 feet above mean tide. It can only be seen by boat.


Pemaquid Point Light, Bristol, sits atop a magnificent outcropping of igneous rock that tumbles down into the sea for hundreds of yards from the light. Built in 1827, it is so quintessentially Maine that it was chosen as the image for the Maine state quarter. The former light keeper’s house serves as fisherman’s museum. This lighthouse is well worth the 45 minute drive from Boothbay.


Monhegan Island Light, Monhegan Island, was built in 1824, at the site of a 1614 fishing settlement. Look for an excursion from Boothbay Harbor to get you there.

A group of local citizens are working together to restore the Cuckolds light. For more information on the project and how you can help, visit the Cuckolds website by clicking here. To view the lighthouse when you are in Boothbay Harbor, visit us at Newagen Seaside Inn for a nice view from the coast or we would be happy to show you the town landing where the view of the Cuckolds, surrounding islands and Maine coast is magnificent.